it's alright 

there is no winner here 
except fear and lesson learners 
those yearning to grow and more than adapt 
bust traps and know both shade trees and sun 
no one won a trophy or a place in a HoF 
stronger name to hide new riches behind 
blew minds with life surprises 
made disguises movie worthy 

facts exist on a momentary basis 
leaving traces that fade with time 
blurring lines and living on in perceptions 
love’s conception lies within 
we begin to see what the best and worst can be 
shake knees with strings and things 

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3.11.17, Pt 2 | San Diego 

On and in the sand, and I close my eyes to listen. Bits and pieces of conversation are carried on the coastal winds. Audible words sporadically cut through the murmured din of voices that generally indicate good company and times. Rubber balls being served and returned by paddles with a woody and rounded clack. Laughter, shouts, and the powerful roar of the ocean, whose ebbs end in a rolling splash. 

I believe we are meant to know our oceans. Bob said "If you know your history, then you know where you're…Read more

3.11.17, Pt 1 | San Diego Feels  

I woke up back in San Diego, where I lived for a short time in my first year. I was born in New Orleans, and my mother was transferred to the Navy base here shortly after. Supposedly my father was in the Navy too. All I have of him is 2 polaroids or a smooth and handsome looking Puerto Rican guy that doesn't look much like me, but I'm not the one with the truth on that, just what I've been told. I have faint memories of being in San Diego with my mother, and the sort of oversized uniform hat she wore, but…

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3.10.17 | Vegas 

As I sit in a Golden Nugget buffet booth, I wonder why a guy with luck like mine would walk into a casino. Perhaps because I don’t have much left to lose. Coming to a place like this with no one to judge you is dangerous. I mean both the casino and the buffet itself. 

Fremont St, Vegas

I made it to Vegas late last night, and went straight to the the home of my friend D. Boo and her boyfriend, Omar. they had some friends over, and we hung out and kept it pretty low key. It was nice to relax, and I slept…

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3.9.17 | Arches National Park 

I woke up in a hotel in Moab, flipped open my laptop, and went to work on this website. 

As I was getting my stuff together to check out, I found a book Kyle Harvey from Lithic Bookstore & Gallery in Fruita had given me. A small, thin publication of poetry from John Knoll called “Ghosting America.” We were talking about my trip and the poets I enjoy and Kyle said he knew I’d like it. In that very moment, I had a premonition that something in that book would speak to me deeply. I feel like some power is…

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3.8.17 | Fruita/Moab 

I woke up in Denver, played some guitar, showered up, and headed out. The next stop was Fruita, Utah to meet up with Kyle Harvey at The Lithic Bookstore & Gallery and The Lithic Press, where he works.

I met Kyle briefly when we both played at the annual Barley Street Tavern Thanksgiving can drive show last year. He's the nicest guy, and an amazing singer and songwriter. He'd seen my facebook posts describing this journey, knew that Moab was in the plan, and said I should stop by for a visit. I'm so glad I…Read more

3.7.17 | Ft. Collins II  

I woke up in The Recordium, the studio owned and operated by Mer (bass) and Jasco (lead) from The Symbols of Ft. Collins. 

There were guitars everywhere, and I found this old Gibson and sat down and wrote and recorded the attached track (see bottom of page) on my phone. It's pretty rough, first time through the new lyrics. I was crying my eyes out the whole time. It was a really emotional, but beautiful experience. 

When I went upstairs to see what was going on with my hosts, I found Mer and Jasco sitting…

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3.6.17 | Ft Collins I 

I was driving into the western horizon on Monday evening. The clouds had obscured the mountains, and it was nearly impossible to tell where one began and the other ended, save for the faint and setting backlight, which created the very slightest outline of a ridge. Finally, the last remaining bit of contrast faded to total black, and it became nearly impossible to tell whether I was driving into a steep climb or a hard rain, but I was ready for either. 

I arrived in Ft Collins just in time to have dinner…Read more


The live narrative of an indefinite transition.