3.10.17 | Vegas

As I sit in a Golden Nugget buffet booth, I wonder why a guy with luck like mine would walk into a casino. Perhaps because I don’t have much left to lose. Coming to a place like this with no one to judge you is dangerous. I mean both the casino and the buffet itself. 

Fremont St, Vegas

I made it to Vegas late last night, and went straight to the the home of my friend D. Boo and her boyfriend, Omar. they had some friends over, and we hung out and kept it pretty low key. It was nice to relax, and I slept like a baby after running around Arches most of the day, and driving a beautiful, but long trip down Interstate 15 to NV. I’m getting better at telling a succinct version of my story. The more I leave out, the more I feel that I’m moving on from the parts I don’t need to remember 

I met the Boo in Omaha last year at the House of Loom open mic, and we made fast friends. She’s a great singer and hip hop artist, originally from Fremont, NE, and has been working hard in the studio to get a new release together. She just signed on a great opportunity to be on a cable network show, which goes into production this year to be released next year. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, but I’m quite sure she’ll be the star of the show. 

She asked if I would like to tag along for a studio session she had planned for today at The Tone Factory, and of course I said yes. We met her producer, Hugo, from Mexico City. I asked him if he felt very affected or uncomfortable with our new administration, and he said not really, because he’s not a felon and the people around him are generally cool. I always feel like I have to apologize for our asshat president, but I think most people get it. It's him, not us. 

The Tone Factory, Vegas

Boo and Hugo worked, and I worked, and then we headed over to Seven Magic Towers, this crazy rock art installation, out in the desert south of Vegas. It was really interesting. Giant limestone boulders painted bright colors and stacked on top of each other. It struck me that they were these objects that were kind of in their natural habitat, but painted and stacked in a very unnatural way. Cool place. 

Seven Magic Mountains, Vegas

Now I’m sitting at this Golden Nugget table, eating desserts in the desert like a man who wants to be left for the vultures, victim of Type II Diabetes. I have refreshed my blackjack strategy knowledge, and will spend $100 or 1 hour at a card table, then drive into the night, headed for San Diego, where I will sleep near the ocean, and see her first when I wake up in the morning.


Follow up: I lost $100 in 10 minutes. 

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