3.6.17 | Ft Collins I

I was driving into the western horizon on Monday evening. The clouds had obscured the mountains, and it was nearly impossible to tell where one began and the other ended, save for the faint and setting backlight, which created the very slightest outline of a ridge. Finally, the last remaining bit of contrast faded to total black, and it became nearly impossible to tell whether I was driving into a steep climb or a hard rain, but I was ready for either. 

I arrived in Ft Collins just in time to have dinner with three beautiful souls, who have very quickly become good friends. Mer Sal, the funky bass player and bright light of The Symbols; Jasco, the best guitar player I've ever met, Mer's husband, and a member of the same band; and Mer's daughter, Vivian, who is doomed to be as wonderful as her family. After some "Angry Noodle" Chinese, they had a recording session in their home studio, and I hung out and watched.

Their client had written the most beautiful instrumental in memory of his mother, who passed away. It was great to watch them work together to put some finishing touches on it, and the music sounded amazing. Their studio is built into the basement, and it's looks and feels like a place to make magic. I had a lot of options for places to sleep in the house, but I chose to pass out down there, among the mountains of guitars and recording gear. 



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