3.8.17 | Fruita/Moab

I woke up in Denver, played some guitar, showered up, and headed out. The next stop was Fruita, Utah to meet up with Kyle Harvey at The Lithic Bookstore & Gallery and The Lithic Press, where he works.

I met Kyle briefly when we both played at the annual Barley Street Tavern Thanksgiving can drive show last year. He's the nicest guy, and an amazing singer and songwriter. He'd seen my facebook posts describing this journey, knew that Moab was in the plan, and said I should stop by for a visit. I'm so glad I did.

The Lithic Bookstore & Gallery and The Lithic Press

Kyle used to play in It's True out of Omaha, and they killed all over the place. Now he's in Fruita recording a solo album, and helping to run Lithic. It's a beautiful place, owned by Danny Rosen, who is also a great guy and huge talent. They have a poetry publishing company (Lithic Press), and run the office out of their bookstore and art gallery, where they also host all kinds of great readings and music events. Some of you know that I'm obsessed with the idea of putting all of the art forms in one place, and Lithic was a great example of the depth of love and creativity that convergence brings. The store has gorgeous art everywhere, tons of books, and a small office where they crank out art. 

Kyle, Danny and I hung out at the shop and got to know each other better, and it turned out Kyle had actually done work for the owner of my last venture, CP. He and a friend had similar experiences with my former boss, and it's always so freeing to know it's not just you. Kyle is a very smart, warm and talented guy, and he and I very much see eye to eye on the music business. I'm in a place where I want to make sure I'm surrounded by good people, and he is that. He's also a great graphic designer, city council member, father, and jack of all trades. I think we saw each other in each other, and I can't wait to get back to the Lithic. Follow those guys. They do great work. 

While I was at Lithic, I used the wifi opportunity to get some Down Under (the venue I manage booking at) work done, and the very first email I opened was from Will Whalen from Grand Junction, which is right next to Fruita. Will and Kyle are friends, but the contact was not related, and Will was looking to book at the DU on May 9th, my birthday. It was all very strange, and I confirmed him for the date without asking too many questions. Yet more evidence that I'm living in a fever dream, but if that's the case, I'm excited for whatever is about to happen next, and I'm not sure I want to wake up to the life that is happening outside this current reality. 

Kyle and I parted ways, and I headed to Moab. On my way into town, I saw a building with "Blues & BBQ" on it's side in lights, and I hit the blinker without thinking and pulled into The Blu Pig's parking lot. I sat down to a table while an older gentleman played some acoustic blues, and ordered the brisket. When he finished his set, I found out it was actually an open mic, run by Scott Ibex. He's a dynamite blues guy, and set me up with a set. I ended up playing for about an hour, and had a guy they called "Butcher" sit in with me on harmonica for half of it. It felt really good to play in a new place, with new people. It always just feels good to play. The response was great, and I'm so happy that I stumbled across those guys. I fell asleep in Moab, in the hotel next door to The Blu Pig.

The Blu Pig, Moab UT. At a glance, you'd think it was O'Leavers, Omaha. 


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