it's alright

there is no winner here 
except fear and lesson learners 
those yearning to grow and more than adapt 
bust traps and know both shade trees and sun 
no one won a trophy or a place in a HoF 
stronger name to hide new riches behind 
blew minds with life surprises 
made disguises movie worthy 

facts exist on a momentary basis 
leaving traces that fade with time 
blurring lines and living on in perceptions 
love’s conception lies within 
we begin to see what the best and worst can be 
shake knees with strings and things 
emotions bring to life with soul and meaning 
sometimes demeaning, but always singing 

so take it all in 
do spin your mind to free the rust and dust 
that lust you felt was not a sin 
the din of voices you were in 
can begin now to scurry for cover 
true lovers are always friends 
make amends with your own heart 
make art 

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